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Brow tha Mouse appears in a local, weekly newspaper called News & Review. Be sure to grab a copy of the newspaper and check out the comic featuring Brow tha Mouse!

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an interview with the artist

As far back as he can remember, Jason Harrison has been drawing cartoons. Cartooning has always been an unique ability of his that allows him to make light of a situation, poke fun at friends and even temporarily escape the real world as an author may feel when writing a novel. In his many years of drawing, He has created numerous characters but none have stood the test of time as his favorite mouse creation, “Brow tha Mouse” has.

High school study hall, 1993 was when Brow tha Mouse was born. “Instead of using my time wisely to study or catch up on homework, I would compete with a neighboring classmate to see who could come up with the funniest cartoon characters. The first time that I drew Brow tha Mouse, I was hooked and couldn’t stop!” stated Jason.

Jason continues, “I found myself doodling different poses and facial expressions for the mouse everywhere I went. If you were to flip through my old high school and college notebooks, you could easily see that Brow tha Mouse fills mostly all the pages. It was clear that I had a mouse-cartooning addiction and it seemed like that was the only thing that I did during classes.”

A few years later, Jason was given an opportunity to draw a weekly comic for a college newspaper. The comics were light-hearted editorials focused on college student life and he often received positive response from many of the readers. “It was such a humbling feeling to be able to put a smile on their faces. If I could make at least one person smile with my the comics, I could consider it a job well done.” Jason goes on to add,”In fact, a group of people like the comics so much that, I was awarded first place in a competition conducted by the Indiana Collegiate Press Association.” The award signified a high level performance as marked through competition with other state collegiate publications.

When college was over, Jason said that he felt as if life in general started to slightly intervene with his cartooning but that didn’t last too long. In 2000, Brow tha Mouse went public again and appeared in a local newspaper. The comics were also weekly, good-humored editorials where he was able to entertain a much wider audience.

After the second series of publications, Brow the Mouse moved from the newspaper and took to the internet from time to time. Jason said that although his passion for Brow tha Mouse never died out, he had to make time for other ideas, characters and cartoons. Over following few years, Jason started his own company, BrowCo, which utilizes his illustration talents often. “BrowCo offers many different types of creative services such as web design and graphic design but the strong point always seems to be the cartooning and illustration services.” Jason explains.

Recently, Jason was given yet another wonderful opportunity to bring Brow tha Mouse back into the eyes of newspaper readers. At the end of August of 2014, Brow tha Mouse will debut in another local, weekly newspaper, News & Review. Be sure to grab a copy of the newspaper and check out the comic featuring Brow tha Mouse.

It was clear that I had a mouse-cartooning addiction and it seemed like that was the only thing that I did…

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